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City Clerk & Treasurer

Your Central Hub for Civic Engagement

The City Clerk & Treasurer’s office plays a pivotal role in maintaining the delicate balance between the city’s financial well-being and the needs of its citizens.

Nestled at 119 N Division Street, adjacent to the Morrilton Police Department, our office operates Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. As the central point for local government affairs, we engage with citizens, overseeing various duties, fostering positive public relations, and ensuring the smooth financial administration of all city funds.

At the core of our responsibilities is the meticulous management of city finances, handling accounts receivable and accounts payable. Committed to transparency, we provide clear and concise reporting on the city’s financial position. Mandated by Arkansas law, our office oversees the annual budget approval, serving as an appropriation for city expenditures.

As a liaison to the City Council, we play a crucial role in preparing the City Council Agenda, informing members about pertinent issues, ordinances, and resolutions before meetings. Recording minutes and actions during City Council proceedings, and obtaining minutes of all City Committees and Commissions, ensures a comprehensive public record.

We take pride in safeguarding official ordinances, resolutions, and public documents. All public records are accessible for inspection and copying during regular business hours.

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