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Animal Control

Ensuring Safety and Welfare for Morrilton’s Animals

Committed to Community Safety

At Morrilton Animal Control, our primary focus is on creating a safe and tranquil environment for everyone in our community. Officer Wes Hardin is at the forefront of removing dangerous or disruptive animals, ensuring a secure atmosphere for all residents. Additionally, our responsibilities extend to the compassionate care of animals housed at the Morrilton Animal Shelter, where we actively work towards finding them new, loving homes.

Animal Control Services

Our commitment goes beyond the enforcement of laws; we strive to establish connections and find permanent, caring homes for rescued animals. By collaborating with rescue groups like Remedy Road Rescue and maintaining an active presence on Facebook, we share success stories and encourage community involvement.

Morrilton Animal Control provides:

Enforcement of Animal Welfare Laws

Ensuring a safe and harmonious community for both residents and animals.

Care for Impounded Animals

Compassionate handling of animals at the Morrilton Animal Shelter, fostering their well-being.

Assistance with Adoptions

Facilitating connections between rescued animals and families through adoption services.

Our Animal Control Officers

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Animal Control Officer Kerri Brown ( for information on available dogs, adoption procedures, volunteering, or making a donation. 

You can also visit Remedy Road Rescue on Facebook here.

Contact Morrilton Animal Control at (501) 354-0131, and our dedicated officer will respond promptly.

You Can Make a Difference

Whether through adoption, volunteering, or supporting our efforts, every contribution makes a difference. Together, let’s ensure a brighter future for Morrilton’s furry friends. Have questions? We can help. Reach out to us today!