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Discover the impactful role our commissions play in enhancing community life.

Stay Involved in Your Community

Morrilton thrives on community involvement, and our Commissions stand at the forefront of this civic engagement. These vital bodies play a crucial role in shaping the future of our city, covering a diverse range of aspects such as zoning adjustments, airport management, recreational planning, and more. Get to know the heart of Morrilton’s decision-making process and explore how you can actively contribute to the development of our beloved community.

Morrilton Commissions

Embrace the opportunity to actively engage with Morrilton’s civic life through our various commissions. Each commission focuses on specific aspects crucial to our community’s growth and well-being, providing a platform for residents to influence policies and initiatives that directly impact their lives.

A woman with a scarf, red jacket, nose ring, and sunglasses sitting on top of her head smiling and talking to someone beside her.
A group of construction workers leaning over plans on a blue table. Each worker is wearing a hard hat and orange safety vest.

Board of Zoning Adjustments Commission

Ensure the thoughtful and fair development of our city’s infrastructure through zoning adjustments.

An aerial view of the municipal airport in Morrilton.

Morrilton Municipal Airport Commission

Contribute to the efficient management and development of Morrilton’s municipal airport.

People walking on a path beside a river on a sunny afternoon in the winter.

Parks and Recreation Commission

Shape the recreational landscape of Morrilton by participating in the planning and execution of community activities.

A man in a black suit and white hardhat talking to a man in a orange construction vest and yellow hard hat at a construction site.

Planning and Zoning Communication

Facilitate effective communication and collaboration among planning and zoning stakeholders.

A sanitation worker picking up bags of trash to put in the garbage truck.

Sanitation Board

Play a key role in maintaining and improving Morrilton’s waste management and recycling processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

To join a commission, monitor announcements for application periods and submit your application during the specified timeframe.

Yes, commissions are open to Morrilton residents who are passionate about contributing to the city’s development.

The frequency of commission meetings varies, but all commissions convene regularly to address community needs and initiatives.

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