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Fire Department

Protecting Our Community

Ensuring Safety and Security Every Day

Our commitment is to provide rapid, professional, and efficient emergency response services, ensuring the well-being of Morrilton’s residents.

A group of fire men posing in two lines in their firefighting gear in front of Devil Dog Stadium.


Emergency Response

We are equipped to handle various emergency situations, including fires, medical emergencies, and rescues.

Fire Prevention

Our department is actively engaged in educating the community on fire safety practices and implementing preventive measures.

Community Outreach

We collaborate with local schools and organizations to raise awareness about fire safety and emergency preparedness.

Fire Department Head

A headshot of the Fire Chief. He is an older bald man with a thin, white beard and glasses. He is wearing a white polo with his name, title, and badge stitched in blue.

Earle Eichenberger

Fire Chief

A headshot of Todd Chism, the Assistant Chief/Fire Marshall. Todd is a man in his fifties who is balding. He is wearing a white polo with a blue stitched badge and his title.

Todd Chism

Assistant Fire Chief

Stay Informed & Connected

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Frequently Asked Questions

In case of a fire emergency, remain calm and evacuate the premises immediately. Call 911 for assistance.

To schedule a fire safety presentation, contact our Fire Chief at

In addition to emergency response, we offer fire prevention education, community outreach, and collaborate with local organizations to enhance overall safety.

Have Questions?

For inquiries or community engagement opportunities, reach out to Fire Chief Earle Eichenberger at or submit an inquiry using this form!