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Codes & Ordinances

Navigating Morrilton’s Regulations

Understanding the Legal Framework of Our Community

Welcome to the Codes and Ordinances section, your comprehensive guide to the legal framework governing Morrilton. Here, we provide access to frequently requested ordinances and essential documents that shape the rules and regulations of our community.

Highlighted Ordinances

A blonde, older woman in a black face mask is holding up a poster for the King Biscuit Blues Festival of 2020. She is pointing to the sign on the poster that says "Canceled Covid-19." The poster depicts different animals wearing clothes playing guitars, basses, and singing. Most of them are wearing face masks.

This ordinance addresses regulations concerning the use of masks within the city, promoting public health and safety.

Three older men smile for the camera. They are posing in front of a staircase. Each man is wearing a suit and a gold name tag. The man in the left is wearing a charcoal gray jacket, a white and blue bowtie, and has a pocket hankie in his breast pocket. The man in the middle has a full gray beard and is wearing a black suit jacket with a bright red tie. The man on the right is wearing a black jacket with a cream colored tie with writing and line drawings on it.

This ordinance authorizes the issuance of business licenses for companies conducting business in Morrilton, ensuring regulatory compliance.

A rusted antique truck with a flat bed with a wooden fence holding in a blue canoe. This truck is sitting on a green space in front of the Big Springs Trading Company restaurant.

This ordinance prohibits the use or application of engine braking within the city limits, addressing noise concerns.

The Daisy Bates House—a plain beige colored brick house. The house has an attached car port and a group of large reddish colored bushes to the right of the car port. The lawn is brownish turning green and there are six small flower pots hanging around the edge of the car port. There is a sign in front of the house in the flowerbed.

Explore the comprehensive Property Maintenance Code (14 of 14), ensuring the upkeep and aesthetics of properties in Morrilton.

An Great Horned Owl with large yellow eyes and brown feathers sitting on the branch of a tree. There is a black concrete wall behind the owl.

This ordinance addresses regulations governing the presence and treatment of animals and fowl within the city limits.

A person with short gray hair and sunglasses wearing a gray t-shirt and knee-length jean shorts is standing on the covered porch of a white house with clapboard siding at the Pioneer Village in Rison. The person is holding on to one of the white posts. Another house can be seen in the background on the right.

Ordinance 11 of 06 focuses on regulations for small, older platted lots within Morrilton.

2022 Ordinances

An ordinance waiving the bidding process for the purchase of essential items such as gasoline, diesel fuel, primer oil, street materials, and tiles.

An ordinance waiving the bidding process for the purchase of a 2022 Ford F-150 4×4 truck designated for the landfill.

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