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Parks & Recreation

Explore the city’s vibrant parks, state-of-the-art facilities, and engaging programs for all ages.

Where Community Flourishes

Morrilton’s Parks and Recreation Department is the heartbeat of community life, providing a diverse range of recreational spaces, facilities, and programs for residents of all ages. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of sports leagues, the tranquility of nature trails, or the joy of family-friendly entertainment, Morrilton’s Parks and Recreation has it all. Discover the city’s commitment to fostering an active, healthy, and connected community through our well-maintained parks and top-notch recreational amenities.

Morrilton Parks & Activities

The billboard for Playland. The board says "Bowling Skating" at the top and "Playland" and the phone number are in a cloud in the center. "Parties Cafe Arcade" sits at the bottom.


Playland is Morrilton’s ultimate entertainment destination at 308 Howell Dr. This vibrant complex brings together a bowling alley, skating rink, arcade, and cafe, providing a dynamic space for family-friendly fun and social gatherings. From striking out in bowling lanes to gliding across the skating rink, Playland is a hub of excitement and leisure.

Two large pavilions with long picnic tables.

City Park Drive Complex

Situated on City Park Drive, this expansive complex is a recreational haven for residents. Explore Morrilton City Park, an inviting green space with playgrounds, basketball courts, and more. Dive into refreshing waters at the Morrilton City Pool or enjoy the serenity of the Nature Trail, offering a scenic route for walkers and nature enthusiasts. The Skate Park adds an element of thrill, while the Ball Field Complex hosts various sports activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition.

A green space in between two buildings with a patio with picnic tables and a gazebo.

Broadway Pocket Park

Nestled in Downtown Morrilton, Broadway Pocket Park is a charming escape offering a tranquil atmosphere. Decorated with local artwork, equipped with picnic tables, and featuring a pavilion, this park provides an intimate setting for relaxation, casual gatherings, or simply unwinding amidst the city’s cultural offerings.

A line of four treadmills in the corner of a gym looking out windows to a parking lot. A small tv is in the upper corner.

Morrilton Community Center

The facility boasts a well-equipped workout room for fitness enthusiasts, an indoor pool for aquatic activities, and an indoor gym catering to various sports and recreational activities. The Community Center serves as a central point for health-conscious residents, fostering a sense of community well-being.

Kids going down a blue swirly slide at a pool. The boys mom is at the bottom of the pool to catch him.

Morrilton City Pool

Located behind the park at 900 E Broadway, the Morrilton City Pool provides a refreshing oasis during the warmer months. It’s the perfect spot for residents to cool off and enjoy aquatic recreation.

A walking trail winding through a green park. A small blue play area can be seen on the side.

Morrilton City Park Nature Trail

For nature enthusiasts, the Morrilton City Park Nature Trail, located off John Payne Dr., offers a scenic route for walkers and joggers, providing a serene escape within the city.

Blue skate ramps at a park.

Morrilton City Skate Park

Thrill-seekers can head to the Morrilton City Skate Park on John Payne Dr. This facility adds an exciting element to the city’s recreational offerings, attracting skateboarders and BMX riders alike.

Groups of parents and kids sitting in lawn chairs on the sidelines of micro soccer games.

Morrilton Ball Field Complex

Just off Branch St., the Morrilton Ball Field Complex is a hub of sports activities. It hosts various events, fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition within the community.

A stone pavilion in a small park. There are multiple separate picnic tables in the pavilion.

Sullivan Park

Honoring the legacy of L.W. Sullivan, Sullivan Park is a cherished community space on Rock Street. Featuring a pavilion crafted from original building rocks and surrounded by an iron fence, the park preserves history while providing a secure environment. Future plans include playground equipment, a basketball court, and a community garden. The park also houses the Conway County Juvenile Offices, offering a community room for gatherings. 

A young girls volleyball team wearing pink tank tops that say "Morrilton Parks and Rec Volleyball." The girls are wearing medals.

Sports Leagues and Programs

Immerse yourself in friendly competition and camaraderie with Morrilton Parks & Recreation’s diverse sports leagues and programs. 
Our youth offerings include engaging baseball, softball, volleyball, and basketball leagues, providing a platform for children to develop skills, make friends, and foster a love for sports. 
For adults, our softball leagues offer a fantastic opportunity to stay active, build connections, and enjoy the spirit of friendly competition. Additionally, we provide a range of fitness programs designed for all ages, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy and benefit from within our vibrant community.

Parks & Recreation Staff

A headshot of Jan Cummings. She is an older woman with short, brown curled hair on top of her head. She is wearing a black turtleneck sweater.

Jan Cummings

Parks and Recreation Director

Mark Koscenski

Playland Manager

A headshot of Tiffany Hubbard. She has brown hair that is in light waves and has bright blue eyes. She is wearing a dark blue sweater.

Tiffany Hubbard

Program Director

Book Our Facilities!

Plan your events at our picturesque pavilions in the city park or nature trail. Ideal for birthdays, family reunions, church activities, and more. Call the Community Center at 501-354-4122 to reserve your date.

A family with two little girls stand with their backs to the camera facing the Cedar Creek Waterfall.

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