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Dive into the essential services that power our community.

Creating a Healthy, Thriving Community

In the city of Morrilton, various departments work tirelessly to ensure the seamless functioning of our community. From public safety to recreational opportunities, these vital arms of our local government are committed to enhancing the quality of life for every resident.

At the core of Morrilton’s identity is a collective effort to create a thriving and harmonious environment. Explore the array of services provided by our dedicated departments, each playing a crucial role in maintaining the well-being of our community.

Morrilton’s Core Services

Within the city limits of Morrilton, a network of departments stands ready to serve you.

A light brown colored dog with pointed ears rolling on his back in the green grass field. He is attached to a red and gray striped leash.

Animal Control

Responsible for managing and ensuring the welfare of animals within the city. Services include addressing animal-related emergencies, enforcing animal control ordinances, and promoting responsible pet ownership.

A man's hand writing with a black hand on a clipboard. The white paper shows a Process Checklist for a building project.

Planning Department

Monitors and enforces compliance with city codes and ordinances related to building and property maintenance. Conducts inspections to ensure safety and adherence to regulations.

Two firefighter jackets and one fire hat with the number 1 on it hanging from hooks on a wall.

Fire Department

Provides firefighting and emergency response services to protect lives and property. Offers fire prevention education, conducts inspections, and responds to various emergencies, including medical incidents.

A walking trail winding through a green park. A small blue play area can be seen on the side.

Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Department manages and maintains public parks, recreational facilities, and programs. Offers diverse recreational activities for residents of all ages, contributing to the well-being and sense of community.

The Morrilton City Hall Police Department. The buildling is square and short and built with brown brick. The name of the buildling is on the side in silver letters and police SUVs are parked in rows along the side.

Police Department

Ensures public safety through law enforcement, crime prevention, and community engagement. Works to maintain a secure and supportive environment for residents.

A group of people wearing neon yellow safety vests cross the street at an intersection in Historic Downtown Morrilton.

Public Works Department

Handles infrastructure maintenance, including roads, bridges, and public facilities. Manages public utilities, such as water and sewer systems, to ensure efficient services.

A green trash truck arm lifting a bright blue garbage can into the truck.

Sanitation and Recycling

Manages waste collection and disposal services. Promotes recycling initiatives to reduce environmental impact and enhance sustainability.

Two workers wearing safety vests and hard hats stand beside a vat of water, examining a glass jar of liquid one of the men is holding.


 Oversees the treatment and disposal of wastewater. Maintains and operates the city’s wastewater treatment facilities to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

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