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City Council

Shaping Morrilton’s Future Together

Empowering Our Community

The Morrilton City Council is a dedicated group of representatives who work collaboratively to address the needs and aspirations of our diverse community. Our monthly meetings, held on the second Monday at 6:00 pm at City Hall, provide an open forum for discussing matters vital to Morrilton’s growth and well-being.

2022-2023 Morrilton City Council Members

A headshot of an older white man in a suit and red and blue striped tie.

Benny Baker

Ward 1, Position 2

A headshot of Gary Koch. He is an older man with gray hair and a goatee. He is wearing a military green shirt with his name and "Koch's Body Shop" stitched over the pockets.

Gary Koch

Ward 2, Position 1

A headshot of Isaac Decker. He is a man with very short black hair and is wearing a blue plaid dress shirt and black suit jacket with a small red and sliver pin on the lapel.

Isaac Decker

Ward 2, Postion 2

A headshot of Richard DeLuca. He is a balding man with a full black beard and mustache. He is wearing a light blue button up.

Richard DeLuca

Ward 3, Position 1

A headshot of a white man with light brown hair wearing a blue Nike polo.

Aaron Spivey

Ward 3, Position 2

A headshot of a man with thinning graying hair. He is wearing a bright teal polo and glasses.

Jim Bowles

Ward 4, Position 1

City of Morrilton logo: a swoop of green in the shape of a hill with a sun peeking from behind it.

Kyle Roch

Ward 4, Position 2

Morrilton City Wards

The 2021 ward map of Morrilton. The wards are color coded by section. Ward 1 is on the top right in purple, Ward 2 is top left in green, Ward 3 is bottom left in red, and Ward 4 is bottom right in yellow.

2023 Morrilton City Council Committees

Code Enforcement:

Chairman: Benny Baker

Members: Richard DeLuca, Jim Bowels, Kyle Roch


Chairman: Aaron Spivey

Members: Benny Baker,   Gary Koch, Isaac Decker

Sanitation/ Recycling:

Chairman: Richard DeLuca

Members: Greg Wiedower, Aaron Spivey, Jim Bowles


Chairman: Greg Wiedower

Members: Gary Koch, Richard DeLuca, Kyle Roch


Chairman: Isaac Decker

Members: Benny Baker, Kyle Roch, Aaron Spivey

Personnel /Policy:

Chairman: Aaron Spivey

Members: Isaac Decker,   Jim Bowles, Kyle Roch


Chairman: Gary Koch

Members: Greg Wiedower, Benny Baker, Jim Bowles


Chairman: Gary Koch

Members: Greg Wiedower, Isaac Decker, Kyle Roch


Chairman: Gary Koch

Members: Greg Wiedower, Richard DeLuca, Aaron Spivey

Advertising/ Promotions:

Chairman: Benny Baker

Members: Greg Wiedower, Jim Bowles, Kyle Roch


Chairman: Jim Bowles

Members: Isaac Decker, Richard DeLuca, Aaron Spivey

Frequently Asked Questions

The Morrilton City Council convenes on the second Monday of every month at 6:00 pm at City Hall, 119 N. Division St., Morrilton, AR.

Navigate our Agendas and Meetings section to explore the agenda and minutes archive.

Join Us in Building a Better Morrilton

Your involvement matters! Attend our meetings, connect with your ward representatives, and be part of Morrilton’s progress. Have questions? Reach out to us today!